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Tagomo’s ads are shown on Google's networks over 21.5 million times a month. Impressive, isn't it? In January 2023 alone, we directed over 329,000 visitors to our clients' websites with our ads.

What is Google Advertising?

It’s much more than just advertising in Google's own search engine. Tagomo’s professionals are ready to guide you into the secrets of Google!

Would you like to maximize the return on your media budget? Google Ads are the world's largest digital marketing channel and, therefore, an excellent marketing tool for your business.

Join Tagomo's journey to implement advertising in Google from a completely new perspective. With Google's products and Tagomo’s professionals, you can achieve amazing results in a short time.

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Tagomo Pilot

Do you know which advertising formats on Google, Facebook, or Instagram yield the best results for your business?

The best solution to determine the return on your advertising euros is to conduct a 3-month Tagomo Pilot with Tagomo's experts! The pilot phase also serves as an excellent learning path into the secrets of marketing.

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Tagomo – Your Reliable and Skilled Google Partner

Google advertising is not a new invention; it has been offering opportunities to businesses for decades.

However, the quality of the advertiser and the advertising matters. Tagomo is an official Google partner and a recognized operator by Google. As a Google partner, we meet certain quality requirements and certifications – with us, you get genuinely high-quality Google services. Our partnership also has benefits that you, as our client, can enjoy: we receive first-hand information from Google about the best practices and various benefits for our clients.

Shall we start full-service Google advertising for your business?

Contact us and let’s proceed!

Tagomo’s Transparent and Honest Approach to Advertising

When you become a Google client with Tagomo, you get a reliable professional on your team. We are working for you, and our goal is to always do our job as well as possible.

Tagomo's approach to implementing Google Ads solutions is transparent and honest. We always work on a Google Ads account owned by the client. If you don’t have an account already, we will set it up for you.

The basis of all our work is the data we collect, which is continuously used to develop your account. In an optimal situation, we can try out several different marketing channels, selecting those that best support your business based on data.

Our work's transparency is also based on the fact that as our client, you always have all the necessary information at your disposal. The data from Google campaigns directly shows the added value our advertising brings to you.

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Google Advertising Covers Numerous Ways to Advertise Online

When discussing Google advertising, it’s good to first break down digital and PPC marketing (Pay-Per-Click). PPC marketing is part of the so-called digital marketing umbrella, and Google Ads is the largest single PPC advertising system within it. Google advertising allows you to reach over 90 percent of internet users worldwide. The possibilities are endless!

Google advertising is often mistakenly thought of as only advertising in Google's own search engine. However, Google advertising also includes numerous other ad formats. These include:

  • Google Display
  • Google Discovery
  • Google Shopping
  • YouTube
  • Google SEM or search advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Local Ads
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Authorized Google Partner

Ready for successful cooperation?

We have achieved partnership by meeting Google's strict quality requirements in our Google campaigns. Tagomo’s ads are shown on Google's networks over 21.5 million times a month. Impressive, isn't it? In January 2023 alone, we directed over 329,000 visitors to our clients' websites with our ads.

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