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Tagomo Digital is a top-notch advertising agency staffed with expert professionals

Are you looking for a digital marketing professional who can boost your company's results? You've found one!

Tagomo Digital, established in 2018, is an advertising agency with bases in Turku, Pori and Tampere. We are a growing development company employing a strong team of various experts: content creators, copywriters, graphic designers, coders, customer service representatives, salespeople, advertising planners... Our tribe serves businesses comprehensively in marketing and helps you boost your business activity.

We offer, among other things:

One important thing for us is to make marketing understandable. At Tagomo, there are no silly questions! So feel free to contact us or drop by for a coffee, and let's talk and find out how we can help.

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Tagomo's Story from Logomo to the Top

Many good stories have started in a restaurant. So did Tagomo's.

Tagomo's entrepreneurs Petri Elovaara and Mikko Lehtinen first met in 2004 in Turku when both were working at the Hotel Börs restaurant. Later, Elovaara left to sell yellow pages at Eniro and established his first advertising agency in 2009. Half a year after founding, Elovaara hired Lehtinen in his company, and the men worked side by side until the company was sold in 2015.

After the business sale, Lehtinen continued in the industry in sales and management roles. Elovaara delved into new business ventures, but they didn’t bring the feeling he missed. The same thought always came back like a boomerang: he wanted to return to sales and marketing.

One December day in 2017, Elovaara called Lehtinen and proposed establishing a digital solutions-focused advertising agency as equal partners.

– I answered the phone in the middle of a work meeting, saying yes, sure, it works. Pete probably didn’t believe I would be on board immediately, Lehtinen recalls.

The call to establish Tagomo ultimately lasted less than a minute.

Tagomo's Story Physically Began in Turku's Logomo and with Assembling Ikea Furniture

The project was started big and without hesitation: Elovaara and Lehtinen sold the first 50 websites together before they even hired any workers.

– We never thought at any point, let’s see how this goes. We put in everything we had, 50,000 euros of our own money. The bank and Finnvera lent the rest, Elovaara says.

Although the start was fast-paced, the duo had a clear direction and plan. Tagomo's goal was to employ about 20 people in the next three years, serve over 1,000 customers, and achieve about a two million turnover. They reached their goals.

– But it hasn’t been easy. We made expensive miscalculations in the first years. Even though we have also succeeded, steering Tagomo has required a lot.

Elovaara and Lehtinen Name Their Staff, Tagomo Tribe, as Their Biggest Success

– We have an amazing staff. People are the thing that ultimately makes a company, Lehtinen says.

– That's exactly why we have invested a lot in people from the start. We want people to enjoy and feel good at Tagomo, Elovaara continues.

Tagomo is currently doing well, but what originally led Elovaara and Lehtinen to become entrepreneurs in a competitive industry?

– This industry can genuinely change people's lives. When an entrepreneur gets their operations and results up with our services, it directly reflects on their and their loved ones' lives. That's rewarding!

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