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We implement social media advertising cost-effectively and maximize your return on media budget. With Tagomo, you are visible on social media channels at every stage of your customer's buying journey.

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Tagomo’s Social Media Advertising Takes Over Social Media

In Finland, there are about 2.9 million Facebook users and about 1.8 million Instagram users. We will show you how to reach as many of these eyes as possible with social media.

Social media's various advertising solutions reach your potential customer at every stage of their purchase journey. Advertising can be implemented with various targeting options.

Social media advertising is often confused with organic social media sponsorship. However, these are two completely separate things. Modern social media advertising is largely based on machine learning and feeding guidelines to algorithms. Does that sound difficult? You don't need to delve into it, as Tagomo’s professionals will take care of it for you.

Free social media visibility is often very limited and cost-ineffective. In contrast, paid social media advertising immediately brings content marketing to readers. Advertising on social media brings your message to the social feed where your potential customer is already spending time.

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Tagomo Pilot

Do you know which Facebook or Instagram advertising formats yield the best results for your business?

The best solution for determining the return on your advertising euros is to conduct a 3-month Tagomo Pilot with Tagomo's experts! The pilot phase also serves as an excellent learning path into the secrets of marketing.

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Social media advertising is extremely precisely targetable

Here are some examples of targeting options:

  • interests: based on likes and behavior
  • remarketing: activity on your own page
  • customer registry: email lists
  • professional information
  • accounts the user follows and likes
  • page administrators
  • demographic data (e.g., age, gender)

Most of your customers are probably on social media, so you should be too.

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How Does Tagomo Implement Social Media Advertising?

Does social media advertising seem foreign, perhaps even difficult? At Tagomo, we guide you into the world of social media and make things understandable.

With different ad formats and targeting options, we can implement brand marketing, create interest in products and services, and improve sales. In our social media advertising, we use all ad formats, such as images, videos, product catalogs, and carousels, keeping these goals in mind. If effective Facebook advertising or Instagram advertising interests you, contact us!

We primarily always work on the client's own Business Manager tool, which is used to manage Facebook and other advertising accounts. The account is always your property, and the data that accumulates there is also available to you if our cooperation is interrupted along the way.

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Optimization of Social Media Advertising Is Part of the Service

Tagomo’s experts actively optimize the effectiveness of social media advertising.

The optimization includes content planning and visual optimization of ads, creation and testing of target groups, A/B testing, conversion tracking, and selection of data that teaches algorithms. In other words, the whole package!

We regularly go through the results and actions taken with you. Additionally, you get access to real-time result reports, which allow us to clearly and objectively state the outcomes of our work. Our goal is to be as transparent and honest a partner as possible for you.

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