Tagomo Pilot

Do you know which Google, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn advertising formats yield the best results for your business?

The best solution for determining the return on your advertising investment is to undertake a 3-month Tagomo Pilot with Tagomo's experts!

Multi-Channel Marketing with Tagomo Pilot

Modern marketing is based on data – a phrase you've probably come across before. What this really means often remains vague. Tagomo's goal is to show you how to harness data as the most important part of your company's marketing palette.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in marketing is assumption. It's assumed that advertising in a certain channel is beneficial based on past experiences from years ago. Or, decisions are made purely based on intuition. This can occasionally prove profitable, but invariably a significant portion of potential remains untapped.

The fact is, no one can tell you where your company should be visible if they don't have data to support their claim. Different channels work differently for different companies, even in the same industry and region.

What is Tagomo Pilot?

To tackle the above-mentioned problem, we at Tagomo have developed a service focused on collecting data and utilizing it to support your business.

The Pilot removes assumptions from the equation. We measure how different channels support your business. We open all possible:

Our goal is to find the most cost-effective channels for marketing your business. At the same time, we want to map out what different actions in different channels cost you and what they achieve.

When all the advertising is measured, you have a clear understanding throughout the pilot phase, for example, of how much marketing money a lead costs you per channel, or how much sales each channel has generated for you. We naturally measure many other things, tailored to your business depending on your goals.

During the pilot phase, we go through the actions taken with you monthly in clear and transparent terms. The pilot phase also serves as an excellent learning path into the secrets of marketing. We open up terminology, models, and tools in meetings.

How does Tagomo Pilot proceed?

After accepting the offer, we invite you to a kick-off meeting where we agree on the framework for future cooperation and set goals for the pilot phase. The duration of the pilot is three months, during which we go through the results achieved with you and the next steps in advertising each month.

Before the end of the Tagomo Pilot, we will disassemble the entire project – clearly and transparently. Once the results are clear, we can negotiate the continuation of cooperation and tailor an advertising package that best serves you based on the data from the pilot.

Sounds good, right?

Contact us and let's get to work!

One of our key goals is to make marketing and advertising understandable

We open up the secrets of the digital world and ways to market effectively for you.

Feel free to contact us and ask for more!


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